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I have my suspicions.
I think a guy in my class was taken over by a mind eater from space or something.
It's a requirement that every religion class in my high school goes on a day long retreat at least once per semester.  You get bused off to some rotted out cabin off in the woods, covered in bird shit and God knows what else. Where some part time Bible thumper tells you 'Jesus loves you', and everyone pretends to do group work made for third graders.  I mean I’ve got nothing against washable markers, and there’s something nostalgic about oversized lined paper.. But it doesn’t exactly make the dilapidated flooring easier to ignore.  So it’s a thing where people end up in one three groups very quickly. The people who sneak off to the woods, the ones who pretend to pay attention till its over, or the fucking smart ones that just skip the day completely.
I'd gotten in shit earlier in the month for ditching out on classes, so the easy route was out of the question.  
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Scott P - There's This River
The heavy guitar case Scott carried over his back was shifted for the tenth time as he walked from the bus stop to his shared apartment. Band practice had gone down the absolute shitter and he only had himself to blame. He had hoped it would be a welcome distraction from things he just hadn't been trying to really think about lately, but it hadn't worked and his notes had come out all wrong and wonky. Everyone got pissed off and gave up until they finally just called it a night.
He had tried to apologize, but it was hard to really do that when even he wasn't sure what was going on with himself yet. So, he had given up and just left. Now, Scott was tired and wanted nothing to do but crawl into bed and sleep for several hours.
When he reached the door, Scott allowed his head to thump against the battered piece of wood first before he even attempted to open it. One lazy turn and then another granted him entrance and he was quick to deposit the heavy case straight onto the floor no matter
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I'm human. Not very active on this site anymore, but here are my other links and crap:


Maybe I'll make a better Bio in the future. If you liked my one-shots, go to my wattpad to see the new and improved one-shots, which are 100% better than the ones you've read on this site that belong to me.

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More to be added.



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